Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pita Pizza

As most of you know by now, pizza is a staple in my house. A staple in my life. I truly believe pizza is what makes the world go round. Isn't that why pizzas are typically round? Like the EARTH.

Now I've been making this since I was born (ya I'm not kidding). So to me I didn't think this was that creative... until I made it with a friend who has never heard of it. So I begun to think that since she never heard of it...there must be others! If not.. then my friend is one sheltered little girl.

Regardless, maybe this will spark some imagination juices and get something flowin for ya.

I feel like using a pita as the crust puts a healthy twist on things. And it is incredibly easy to make with stuff you may have around the house. Therefore.... ULTIMATE STUDENT COLLECTION oh ya baby

Pita Pizza
Time: 10 mins    CPS: (depends what you put on it! For 1 pita usually $0.50)       L of D: Undergraduate

- 1 Whole Wheat Pita
- 1 tbsp of pizza sauce
- Toppings of your choice

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Place pita on baking sheet. Top pita with toppings - remember, the more veggies you put on your pizza, the less you feel bad about eating pizza!

Put pita in oven for approximately 6-8 minutes or until cheese is golden and all melty.


I am not going to lie... I usually eat 2 =)


  1. I make pita pizzas all the time! It's waaaay better than any order-in greasy pizza.

  2. Yummy yummy! I hope I'm not that sheltered little girl lol


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